How to Create Industrial Style Decor

Vindustrial Crank Tables
The industrial style is, first and foremost, about utility, functionality and usability; so resistant materials, such as steel, copper, wood and concrete are a central theme; neutral and monotone colours are dually a must. Some would say that this practical look works only in open-plan, raw, expansive spaces, due to the central elements synonymous with the industrial style being about the exposed hints of history. However, with a bit of careful styling a loft, although wonderful as it would be to own, isn’t necessary for an industrial living; if you are not the lucky owner of a renovated warehouses or open-plan space, there are still plenty of ways to achieve the industrial look. Wood, metal and concrete are three essential materials that will turn a room into an industrial heaven, the Industrial style started in factories over a century ago when there was no such thing as plastic. Copper, steel or iron pipes, lamp shades, air ducts, paint-stained imperfect furniture and objects reused for other purposes, are all valuable when creating an industrial style in a small space. The industrial era was about functionality, so giving raw, functional objects pride of place is essential. In essence, the industrial era is about simplicity and the beauty of functionality, it can be an easy look to achieve in any size space if you enjoy creating and playing with the space around you.
Vindustrial Crank Tables
Vindustrial Crank Tables

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  1. stormrichter says:

    What an interesting post, thank you K. We are so excited to have an opportunity to show case our diverse range of unique furniture made from recyclable materials. It gives all materials a second live and to be shared with those who admire and appreciate sustainable, solid furniture with an abundance of character.

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